Baixar Honista APk Android Atualizado v8 – 2023

Honista APK 8

Honista APK 7.2

Honista APK 7.1

What’s New

Changes in Honista 2023

New Changes:

  • 🔰 Implement Show Creation Date on Storied File
  • 🔰 Implement See List of Story Mentions (Hidden and Normal Mentions)
  • 🔰 Implement Show Story Full Info
  • 🔰 Implement Download Story JSON File
  • 🔰 Update Emojies
  • 🔰 Fix Bugs


Added Options:

  • 🔶 Popular:
    🔰 Activate Search in Story Visitors
    🔰 Show Mute Button on Story Page
  • 🔶 Posts:
    🔰 Activate Scheduled Posts Option
    🔰 Activating Zoom and Framing Items of Carousel Posts Before Uploading
    🔰 Show FullScreen Button for Posts (Disabling Post FullScreen by Tapping on the screen)
    🔰 Crop Height of Tall Reels Posts on Home Feed
    🔰 Activate Gif Send Button in Comments
  • 🔶 Story:
    🔰 Activate Publish Story Only for Followers You Follow Back
    🔰 Reply Story via Camera, Voice and Gif
    🔰 Animate Story Avatars
    🔰 Activate Custom Story Sticker Colors
    🔰 Activate Add Yours Option to Story Camera
    🔰 Activate Ability to Share Our Own Stories
  • 🔶 Direct:
    🔰 Activate Send Photos in Stacked Style in Direct Messages
    🔰 Activate Note Option in Direct
    🔰 Activate Send Animated Avatars in Direct
    🔰 Activate Search in Direct Chats
    🔰 Activate send feedback on messages using emojies
    🔰 Activate Direct Message Long Press Menu New Design
  • 🔶 Reels:
    🔰 Show Mute Button on Reels Videos
    🔰 View Other Reels on the Same Page by Swipe Screen to the Left on Reels Player Screen
    🔰 Show Follow Button in Reels Videos
  • 🔶 Other:
    🔰 Activate Instagram Settings New Design
    🔰 Activating Settings of How to Display Your Online Status (Public / Only Accounts You Follow or Have Messaged)